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Intimate care products adjusted to your needs!
Lactacyd offers a complete range of intimate washes, tailored to all phases of your life.
Feel fresh and protected all day with our intimate cleansing & soothing products.

Lactacyd Pharma Sensitive

Lactacyd Pharma with Antibacterials

Lactacyd Pharma Moisturizing

Lactacyd Pharma Soothing

Lactacyd Pharma with ANTIFUNGAL properties

Lactacyd Fresh

Lactacyd Sensitive

Lactacyd Intimate Washing lotion

Lactacyd Wipes

Lactacyd Moisturizing

Lactacyd Soothing

Life stages

There are a number of factors in different stages of a woman’s life that can affect her intimate balance.
Lactacyd intimate washes are formulated to match every important stage of your life.